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About Our Fraternity
Phi Sigma Kappa - Beta Epsilon Chapter


About Our Fraternity
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History of Our Fraternity

Our Chapter re-chartered December 9th 2000. Of our current members 8 were not part of that day. Nationally Phi Sigma Kappa was founded March 15, 1873. Then in 1985 there was a merger between Phi Sigma Kappa and Phi Sigma Epsilon.
Phi Sigma Epsilon was founded in 1910 in Emporia.
For a more detailed History click on the crest below.

Our Cardinal Priciples

Our Cardinal Priciples are Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Character. These are our Cardinal Principles:

To Promote BROTHERHOOD. Justice, harmony, and brotherly love are essential to the spirit of fraternity.

To Stimulate SCHOLARSHIP. Wisdom comes with learning.

To Develop CHARACTER. Honor is the Basis of fraternal relationships.

Our Chapter Officers

Like most groups we have a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sentinal, and we have our Inductor. They are listed with the rest of our Brotherhood!